EasyBCD Error: 15 File Not Found

I run windows 7 Pro on sda1. Second drive is sdb1. I have Ubuntu 10.13 on this drive (I can boot directly to this drive with no problem).
When I use Neogrub I get this message:
Booting command-list
Filesystem type is ntfs, partition type 0x07
kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-3.8.0-26-generic
root: uuid=1c9d1bde-4064-a8c2-c0bed38db2d1 ro quiet splash $vt_handoff
error: 15 file not found
Press any key to continue...

When I run Linux/BSD I get this message:

no such device: f99d472e-e65c-40e2-a753-34e612da2457

I can boot directly to Ubuntu by changing the BIOS drive order.

Can any one help here and tell me what this means.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
What is your NeoGrub configuration and how did you come by it?
Some how EasyBCD is looking at the wrong UUID number. it should be 03f951dd-9145-42aa-91d1-af1f08f8384e. Is there any way to fix this without reformatting the second drive. It boots Win7 first then Ubuntu second. Is this what your asking for. If I change the UUID number in Linux/BSD it will boot to the proper distro.