easybcd failed the boot of windows 10

good evening,

I want to know if someone have used easybcd with windows 10, I try it two times with windows 10 but the 2 times my boot was destroied and the only thing i have to do is to reinstall windows10.
If someone have an experience I am glad to have your mind.

thank you


Mostly Harmless
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Which version of EasyBCD are you using? When you say your boot was destroyed, what exactly do you mean? What happened when you tried to boot after?

thank you for your interrest of my problem , I use easybcd 2.2, my problém is that I have 3 windows on my computer, I tray to adjust the boot with easybcd , ,and then the computer cannot boot, I was forcedto reinstall windows on second time, and retry with easy bcd and the second time the boot refailed, and I reinstall windows with easeustodobackup. My problem is at the starting of the computer after the page of the motherboard my computer stop 30second and after start with windows, and I have 2 bdc one windows 10 and one windows 7 I think, and my computer start ontime with the bcd windows 10 and the other time with the bcd of windows 7 I think, when it start with the bcd of windows 10 the computer start 2 time and the starting take 2 minutes, it is very long start and I try to solved with ea


Mostly Harmless
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EasyBCD won't resolve any issues with a delay during booting, but I think your problem is that you were using EasyBCD 2.2 on what is perhaps a UEFI PC? Please make sure to upgrade to EasyBCD 2.3 for any testing or work in the future.

En français : EasyBCD ne résoudra pas les problèmes avec des retards dans le processus de démarrage. Ce serait un problème avec Windows lui-même.
Quant à votre problème où EasyBCD ruine votre démarrage, il est probable que ça se produit parce que vous avez utilisé EasyBCD version 2.2 avec un ordinateur qui fonctionne sous le système de EFI. Il faut que vous utilise EasyBCD version 2.3 pour ça. (Je suis toujours en train d'apprendre le français, et je suis désolé pour les erreurs dans mon texte.)