EasyBCD general question

Running Windows 8 and having issues restoring an image using Acronis 2013. Once it restores it corrupts the MBR and I can't seem to get it to go away regardless of how I restore. I have done it a few times off of a clean install and a new image of the drive each time.

I don't want to dual-boot, but can I just use the EasyBCD to fix the problem?

Attached is the error I get. I can get around it wither by booting from a recovery CD or the Acronis 2013 CD and simply saying continue to windows.



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EasyBCD can't help. It's a Windows .NET app, so you need Windows up and running to use it.
Check which partition is active before and after your restore.
Windows 7/8 don't usually put the boot files in with the rest of the OS, but in a separate small partition.
If the restore is resetting the active bit so that you are trying to boot from the OS not the boot partition, then you'd get that error.