EasyBCD on PCWorld.com??


Thanks for the link, Mak.

They're not actually hosting it, just point to it the way Softpedia and the hundred other sites do - I'm cool with that :smile:

What I'm *not* cool with is misspelling it.
When I first started getting incoming links for PCW, I checked it out (over 3 weeks ago), and I emailed the editor telling him he misspelled it on the website and in the magazine - I still haven't received a reply. Arrogant people!

PC World is the first US-based magazine to include EasyBCD, however, we're already in over 50 foreign magazines, included feature articles (not just blurbs, whole articles) in PC Magazine India, PC World Germany, APC Magazine (Microsoft-owned Aussie magazine - their entire site has turned into an EasyBCD-worshipping ground!!!! http://apcmag.com/ - http://apcmag.com/node/5162/ ), a bunch of books on Vista in Chinese, French, German, and more.

EasyBCD has been on the cover of 5 or 6 magazines, and is included on the covermount CD/DVD of another 15 or so.

I don't know why the US-magazines haven't caught on yet, but to be totally frank, EasyBCD is on fire internationally speaking!!

I did of course email PC Magazine and PC World over 6 months ago about reviewing EasyBCD, but these big companies think it's demeaning to reply to an email sent from anything less than Microsoft, Oracle, or Google..

Anyway, overall, EasyBCD has been a HUGE success :grinning: !!!!!!!!!
Thank you everyone for your support, and hopefully with your help we'll continue to climb to the stars!

We have more than triple the downloads a certain other program *cough* has - and I know FOR A FACT that they play with the download count because they asked me to do so (change it by 1203 to be exact) back in the day - I refused, they did it anyway.

Keep recommending EasyBCD to everyone you know (and those that you don't too!) because you guys are the best! :grinning:
I always suggest EasyBCD. It truly is the easiest applicaiton to use for the boot manager. Cant wait to install OS X and really get to use it soem more. :grinning: