EasyBCD On Second OS (Partition) - Need It On First OS (Partition)

I created a dual-boot system (Windows 7-32Bit first on first partition, then Windows XP Pro-32Bit
on second partition, all on same only drive). However, when I was done, I could not boot to my first OS (Win7),
so I installed EasyBCD on the XP and that's what I have been using.

Personally, I would rather have the EasyBCD in the first installation (Win7) which is also in the first partition.
Would it be possible to install EasyBCD in the first partition (Win7) so this one will be my only boot manager
and then remove the existing one currently on second partition (WinXP)? I plan on installing a third
Operating System (OS).

Currently, all works fine including the EasyBCD.



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It's not EasyBCD booting your system, it's MS W7 bootmgr.
Windows setup will install the boot files to the "active" partition. That's normally the location of the first installed OS in a multi-boot.
EasyBCD can be installed anywhere you like, but it doesn't change where MS puts the boot files unless you tell it to.