EasyBCD on USB-stick aborts install from ISO-files

I wanted to use EasyBCD to create a USB-Stick holding multiple install images as ISOs.
I created a USB-stick booting EasyBCD added entries for Windows- and Linux-ISOs residing onthat USB-sticks, I can boot, choose an ISO, install starts, but then can't find drivers or other files needed for installtion - see attached screen shots.
What's going wrong? 20160115_173534.jpg EasyBCD_Ubuntu_15.10.jpeg


Mostly Harmless
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Windows setup cannot be booted from an ISO with EasyBCD.
You need to extract the contents of the ISO to the USB, then add a WinPE entry in EasyBCD pointing to install.wim
ok, thanks ... understood.
As you can see from the screenshot, I also had a similar problem with an Ubuntu 15.10 ISO ... (how) should that work?


Mostly Harmless
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Setup CDs sometimes have a hard time coping with ISO virtualization because they try to understand the underlying system disk layout instead of just accepting that it works and taking it from there.

You can try changing the loading mode (from disk to from ram), but other than that, you'd have to take it up with the developers as EasyBCD uses a very traditional BIOS hooks method of implementing the disk virtualization.