EasyBCD sequence for clean Linux REinstall (with bootloader @ Linux Root)

As a newbie and using EasyBCD, I had problem-free success creating Dual Boot [Win7/Mint 16] four months back. But I never used Mint 16 and wish to have a clean install of LTS Qiana 17.

There is no findable guidance for folks that want to do a Clean REinstall of Linux (Mint) in a Windows 7 dual-boot situation...especially for those who have the Grub boatloader placed in Linux Root.

GOAL: Clean install of Linux (Mint 17) in place of never-modified Mint 16 (no data or mods to care about or preserve)


- Non-UEFI Windows 7 laptop
- Current PARTITIONS: Win7 / Data [NTFS] / Small Fat32 / Linux LOGICALS (3): ROOT + SWAP + HOME
- BOOTLOADER currently in Linux Root (wish to keep it that way)

The following is newbie presumption based on common sense. Please correct or clarify!

1.) What is the preferred order/sequence of these actions?

a.) Wipe Linux partitions via "Delete Volume" in Windows Disk Management.
b.) Use EasyBCD to clear the Linux boatloader entry **

** I am blindly presuming b.) is required (common sense without experience) but for a while I was wondering if clearing the Linux bootloader entry could be skipped, meaning:

"Could it be that if you don't touch EasyBCD when doing reinstall of LINUX, the old Linux pointer in the MBR might still find/see/pick-up the *New* installation [?]." Probably not but was wondering.

You probably have to tell EasyBCD to re-set the bootloader inside the freshly installed Linux Root partition.

Kind thanks in advance,

PS - Could the user guidance pages add a section clarifying this for those wanting to do clean reinstalls of Linux in a Windows/Linux dual boot situation?

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This guidance suggests using EasyBCD *first* to remove Linux entry, followed by wiping of partitions.