EasyBCD Windows and Suse


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I am new to the forums. Also, I am new to using EasyBCD software. I have a couple of questions about using EasyBCD with Windows and Linux. Specifically, I would like to dual boot, Windows Home Server 2011 (Windows Server 2008) and Suse Linux 12.2.

Disk 1: WHS 2011
Disk 2: Suse Linux 12.2

1. I understand I install WHS 2011 first on Disk 1. Right?
2. Next, I install Suse Linux on Disk 2. Right?
3. Do I install EasyBCD on WHS 2011?
4. Any other settings or configuration that I need to be aware of to make this happen?

Using EasyBCD, I will be able to choose which OS that I would like to boot to first. Am I getting this theory right?


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