Got a new computer with Win 8 preinstalled. (No cd disk available and no rescue disc possible). Anyway installed EasyBCD and also installed Win 7. Unfortunately Win 7 did not want to run properly so started using 2 computers. One with Win 7 and the new one with Win 8. After a while decided to remove Win 7 from the Win 8 computer so went into EasyBCD and deleted the boot option "Windows 7" and another boot option that did not appear to be working but was there anyway which was "Windows 7 Install". So all that was left was boot option "Windows 8". Unfortunately when I restarted the computer, it would not load any OS. Also the only boot option that was left was: "Windows 7 Install". Thus now nothing works. Tried everything possible in BIOS and nothing worked. Tried all kinds of boot repair programs. Nothing worked. Today I purchased EasyRE which apparently is another boot repair program. Again it does not work. I can only get into BIOS and no other program will load. Tried Partition magic - does not load. Tried all programs from CD's and USBs and again nothing loads. Tried installing Win 7 from a new disk. No help. The only thing that I have not tried is installing Win 8 since I don't want to bother purchasing it after the headaches I already experienced.
If anyone out there can help or can offer any suggestions, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

Mak 2.0

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Do you have the system setup to boot from the CD Drive first? From all of the talk of "not working" it sounds like that is the issue. Since it is highly unlikely that Windows 7, EasyRE, Partition Magic and others would all not work.


Mostly Harmless
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Try resetting your BIOS configuration to factory default.