EasyRe didn't work

Hello everyone- forgive me if I am not as technologically knowledgeable as everyone else here, but I really hope that someone can help me with this problem.

My computer (an Asus X44H with windows 7) randomly one day suddenly became unable to start even in safe mode- it would get a blue screen of death with an "insurmountable boot data" error. I downloaded EasyRE from Easy Recovery Essentials | Windows Repair CD Downloads onto a CD and followed the instructions they gave. I booted my computer from the CD and ran the automatic repair feature, selecting the windows 7 operating system. Normally, you should be able to restart your computer with windows 7 running. However, when I then refigure my boot settings to login from the internal hard drive, it gives a screen that says "Welcome to GRUB" for a split second before getting on a screen that says that windows 7 couldn't boot because a required device is inaccessible. The only way to get my computer to do anything is to only have it boot from the CD drive (the internal hard drive has to be disabled) and it brings me back to the recovery essentials program.

If anyone has any idea of what to do, I would really appreciate it.