EasyRE Help re Booting Windows Please

Bought EasyRE for Vista to fix non-loading Windows which is giving symptom of black screen with flashing underscore. On attempting 'Automatic Repair' does not show the partition (called ACER) from which laptop used to boot (just shows the other partition). Then in 'Partition Editor' against partition ACER is a warning that 'The disk has bad sector' and also says 'Unable to read the contents of this file system'. However, if I use 'Browse/Backup Files' to look at ACER (and can see all expected files) and then subsequently look at 'Partition Editor' again, the latter can now mounts ACER's filing system. After this though, 'Automatic Repair' does still not show ACER. This makes me think that the problem is related to sector(s) associated with booting rather than those of user files. Do you agree? If so, is it possible to somehow force 'Automatic Repair' to see ACER or failing that to repair boot sector data from EasyRE's 'Launch Command Line'. I have seen your tutorial on manual repair of Windows Bootloader using EasyBCD. Perhaps I have bought the wrong software from you?
Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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It is not possible to make the Automatic Repair to "see" the Acer partition and use it. The software you bought is something new that we are working on, EasyRE is our software to fix Windows issues but it uses Linux and not Windows. Since Microsoft is not allowing Licensing for products anymore we could not legally sell the Microsoft Branded disks. So we designed and coded our own. It is still very much a work in progress and we are trying to get the kinks worked out.

I will let the Developers know of this new issue and we will see what we can do to get it fixed.
Almost the same here (BTW: also an ACER) EasyRE dont see the bootpartition in auto-fix. it shows up in partition-edit, can acces it thru backup/copy, and i really dont know what to do with launch command line. i would like to have a chkdsk or bootrec.exe or whatever...



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When did you download the CD? Perhaps you have an older copy.