EasyRe problem


I just paid for and downloaded EasyRe. I then downloaded easy USB. I ran easy USB and created a bootable USB. My problem is now that the USB is not UEFI. The PC I'm working on is UEFI only. And yes - I disabled secure boot. Thoughts on how to proceed?


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A bootable USB drive is not dependent on whether the system you use it on is MBR/BIOS or UEFI.
It should boot anywhere providing that the OEM of your PC isn't actively preventing USB boot.
Check that your UEFI bios settings have USB set to boot before HDD.


I can boot from several other USBs that I created using Rufus and UEFI only. This is a first for me there is no option to boot an MBR legacy. It is UEFI only. It will not recognize anything else other than a UEFI bootable device. F12 brings up the boot menu so I can select any bootable device plugged into it.

I went the pain way and booted to a win10 UEFI USB and reinstalled from the beginning. I'd hope to avoid that.