Editing of GRUB does NOT help... (-How to jump over the GRUB menu...)

Hi all,
in your guide for dual boot systems with Linux (your case Ubuntu 10.04, my case Xubuntu 14.04 LTS !!)


you are suggesting in STEP SIX to change “GRUB_TIMEOUT=10″ to “GRUB_TIMEOUT=0″ and to save. Then you must update GRUB. This should allow "jumping over" the Grub-Menu.

Well I was following this guide, everything was doing alright. But the editing of the TIMEOUT-value (10 sec to 0 sec) does not lead to success. After selectoing the Linux-System in the Windows Boatloader I am running into the GRUB menu which I wanted to avoid.
Any idea? Can somebody help me?

Regards, HL