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I have windows 10 and I have a gigabyte Motherboard z77xud5h I have core 17 3770 32 gigs of memory. I was having an issue with windows 10 and I could only boot from the usb stick that I have well in my bios it said removable device so I chose that option and then when I booted to the menu that asks me where I want to install windows and I chose my ssd drive it said it could not convert gpt to uefi or something Like that when I hit the format button. I guess I did not have Legacy support turned on in the Bios but I did not realize this until reading the articles here in the knowledge base. So I tried deleting that partition for the ssd and thought I would be able to create a new one, and that's when I got the error that said setup was unable tocreate a new system partition or locate an existing one. see the setup log files for more info. So I did not know what to do and I freaked out! There was another 100mb system efi or uefi partition so what I did was I deleted that partitionwhiched turned it into unallocated disk space . created a new one from that efi healthy system partition and windows started installing thank god! So I got back into windows where I still am 4 days now without a problem woot woot! So since first getting back into windows 10 I had a system reserved partition a system recovery partition and a efi Healthy system Partition. So I could do a disk part on the system reserved and system recovery partition and delete them to Unallocated disk space. And then use Partition assistant to merge the unallocated disk space back to the ssd drive so I could use it again but it's the EFI system partition that I can't do anything with. Also in the boot menu of my bios the first boot device has to be the windows boot manager. I cannot boot from my ssd if I do I just get a blinking cursor. when I try to boot into windows. And the efi system partition of 100mb is fat32 and it's not an active partition. And the option for this SSD is not active either. and are both greyed out for activating them. So My question is is there anyway that I can remove efi system partition without having to reinstall windows and still be able to boot into windows using the ssd to boot from It says that the ssd is a healthy boot page file primary partition. So I guess there are boot files on it. And can I also remove the windows boot manager from the bios so I can boot from the ssd drive instead??

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"active" is a flag in the MBR which indicates to the BIOS where to continue the boot process.
there is no such concept in UEFI/GPT.
The UEFI boot goes to the EFI system partition.
All the other partitions including one you can't even see are an essential part of a Windows installation under UEFI.
You cannot remove them.
Windows and GPT FAQ - Windows 10 hardware dev