Error code 0x0 and "C: device not ready, D: device not ready..."


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So I have a Gateway LX6810 and a little while ago it started booting to black screen with flashing white cursor. I download the 64 bit Vista recovery software from this webpage (it's what the computer is, 64 bit Vista) and I get it burned and yadda yadda.

Well I get the repair software working and when I tell it to automatically repair, the error above is the one I'm seeing. When I try to issue the command prompt, I'm given an X drive and everytime I type C: I am told "device not ready" every time I try to access the D drive I am told "device not ready" and everytime I try to tell to launch System Restore it says you must specify which you would ike to restore, but since I can't get out of X:, I can't restore it.

Please help me!