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On Christmas, I got a spanking new Samsung SSD. My setup was an old 120GB OCZ SSD + a WD HDD that was built be a shop a while back. I spent an entire weekend trying to install windows on the new SSD, but to no avail. When I unplug my HDD and booted it up, it gave me the ever dreadful >insert media boot disk<. I work as an entry level hospitality tech support and am embarrass to say I got scared and stopped, and just installed my games on the new SSD and be done with it.

Yesterday, windows gave me an error saying it detected an error in my HDD. That feeling of dread was amplified by the fact that I tried all I could before to do an installation on my Samsung SSD, and couldn't get it to work.

Until a quick google search of the error gave me this god sent of a program you guys work on here. I fired up the FREE program, shifted my boot drive over to the SSD and unplugged the HDD and was done in 2 minutes. Worked like a charm.

I can't thank you enough for providing this wonderful program for free. Frickin' Champions.


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Glad it helped. Good luck :wink:
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