EzBcd Accessability

Hello all, glad to be here. I have started using ezbcd again (the beta version) and am wondering if there is any chance some accessability issues with the program could be fixed? I have to use a screen reader (jaws) and navigate round the program using the keyboard. Unfortunately some buttons don't have spoken labels, the tools menu has several buttons and all my screen reader says is "button" for every button and that makes it difficult to work out what they do. it would be useful if there could be some hotkeys as well.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Hi Anthony,

I'm sorry EasyBCD doesn't work with your screen reader, obviously accessibility is something very important. Let me look into this and see.
Thanks for using EasyBCD!

Please do.[/QCan we have a checkbox that says don't show this warning about uefi again.
Is there any way of beeping the pc internal speaker by putting the bell character somewhere in the text that displays when the os selection is displayed. ? I used to do this with grub for dos but I can't use that with uefi. It would be nice if when I used up and down the pc internal speaker could beep once for the first item, twice for the second etc. I wonder if you put the 7 character in front of each menu item the appropriate no of times if this would work?


Mostly Harmless
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I'm not sure if it'll work, but you could try including the character when renaming an entry in EasyBCD? It saves everything verbatim to the BCD store.
(It would have to be UTF-8 encoded).