Feature request! - Ability to boot to whatever the currently running OS is.

Hi, I am wondering why I can't seem to accomplish this particular function, and if maybe it could be added.

I would like a to BOOT the machine to what ever the current running operating system is, instead of a default choice come up only.

For instance. I have a PC that has windows 7 enterprise and windows 2008 R2 server both installed on it. both OS's are setup so that they may automatically restart on their own from time to time, based on software updates or what ever. The problem is, I can't find a setting that will allow the machine to by default, to reboot in to the current running operating system. be it which ever one is booted NOW.

Often times I am running server remotely, and I want to reboot it, but the defualt OS is set to windows 7.

Sometimes I am running windows 7 on that same pc remotely and I need to reboot it as well, so if I change the default to 2008 server, then I cant remote reboot that os either.

It would be like removing the "default" chioce, and having the os that will boot when the timer runs out be the one that shutdown most recently...

In summary, we need a way to reboot to what ever is running, without going in and changing the defualt every time by hand. I get that you could do that, but it takes time, and I am not always there when the reboot takes place, for instance on auto-software updates that happen in the middle of the night.

It seems the machine invariably ends up booted to the wrong OS from time to time, because I didn't have it set to the right one.

It would really be easily added to the reboot monitor utility that is in the task bar. I love that thing. an option for 'Always Reboot to current OS'

Just a thought, take it for what you will, or if I am totally missing how to make this happen on its own, just tell me please anyone....

Cool little program though, it amazing how many problems we have all had over the years with missing boot files, only to have a little tiny freeware app, fix everything and open up the world, almost at least.




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Use iReboot with the "sticky changes" option.