Forgotten it!

I have forgotten what I need to know to boot my PC.
C: = XP Pro ~250G
D: = XP Pro Data ~250G
E: = Win 7 Pro ~500G
I see files.
PC boots to XP.

I think that I had dual boot working a long time ago. EasyBCD v2.2 is just now loaded on the XP OS to look at.

I have NAS drives showing and internet access.

1) is the boot selection automatically shown at boot? i do not see it.
Is there a key sequence I need to use?

2) if the boot has been messed up how do I use EasyBCD from XP to get the dual boot back? I tried looking around the help files and the program but I am stumped.
Most of what I try says I need to do it from Win 7 but I can't get to Win 7.


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Are C D and E different partitions on one HDD or different HDDs ?
XP (C: and D:smile: on one disk. 250G + 250G
Win 7 on a different disk. 500G
So are you suggesting that I try to change BIOS to make the second drive the first drive?
Will try it tomorrow.

I kept trying and finally EasyBDC allowed me to select a XP and WIN7 boot.
All was grayed out until I do not know what.
Did I do something to enable EasyBCD to let me select drives?
I tried to create a new boot.ini but it never took.
I opened the Boot.Ini on the XP drive where I did create it one time as shown by the date-time and in the file it said EasyBCD created it. But in the Boot.Ini file only the XP drive was there. I could never get EasyBCD to create if with Win7.
And when I booted a message on the screen said that the Boot.Ini was bad and it still booted to C: and Win XP.
I tried to manually edit the Boot.Ini based on the EasyBCD website but I could never get it to start without the bad Boot.Ini message.


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Yes you need to change the BIOS HDD boot sequence to put the W7 drive above the XP drive.
When W7 is booting, delete any XP entries in the BCD, and add them both manually (not auto-configure).
Windows XP - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki