Fragment / Defragment

In older versions of EasyBCD I used to be able to create a bootable USB drive, select the ISO (Locally on the disk) and click to add the boot menu entry. It would take justa few moments, then the device would work fine. In later versions, when I add an ISO it seems to attempt a defragment of the ISO and it takes, absolutely ages to add a small ISO on as a bootable entry.

Can this defrag be turned off somehow? I'm not sure of the technicalities of its need, but its slowing down what used to be a slick process into a half a day job.

I'm currently trying to a add a locally stored ISO (500mb) in as a boot menu item, and so far the defrag process has taken 37 minutes.
Whats going on?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
This feature has been there for a long time; the problem is that you're trying to boot from a local disk and EasyBCD is needing to defragment (in this case) your entire drive in order to defrag this file (or the defrag routine has a bug).

It's absolutely required to defrag the file as the bootloader's NTFS code does not support non-contiguous file allocation - it'll start reading at the start of the file and copy exactly one file length's worth of data to the memory from that point onward. If the file is fragmented on disk, it won't be copied correctly.

You can try changing the mode from "load from disk" to "load from memory" (or vice versa), create a small partition just for these files that won't have this fragmentation/will defrag faster, or manually kill the defrag in the task manager (it's running as a separate task) and pray to God that the file is already defragmented though we won't be able to provide any form of support for booting from ISOs in this case, because we cannot guarantee the internal consistency of the resulting configuration.