Does the windows 7 recovery image I purchased and downloaded have linux operating system information on it? My recovery image is not working and the geek squad guy told me I had a linux operating system on my hard drive or something similiar. I just installed a brand new seagate momentus hard drive so I am a little confused and frustrated. He also told me the recovery image would not work on a brand new hard drive as it was looking for windows information.

If all the information he told me is true then I did not get what I ordered and would like information on how I get a refund.

New and frustrated NeoSmart customer.


Mak 2.0

Staff member
Well if you read the page where EasyRE is located you will see this line located at the bottom of every page:

These discs do not contain setup files, and cannot be used to install Windows.
What you purchased was a Recovery Essentials disk used to repair the options listed on the main page. It is not a Windows Image. Sorry to tell you, but you mis-read or misunderstood what you were purchasing. It is not a Windows Disk. It is a Recovery Disk used to repair Windows.

There is the information on the Refund Policy and how to obtain it.