Getting GRUB4DOS when booting into Ubuntu

So I installed Ubuntu 13.10 earlier today. I have my 4 partitions (/ /boot /home and SWAP). During install, I checked to install bootloader in /boot as per these instructions:

So, after booting back into Windows, I fire up EasyBCD and add my Linux partition (selecting GRUB2), save changes, write to MBR and exit and reboot.

Once I reboot and select my Ubuntu option, I am prompted with GRUB4DOS.

I have no idea what is going on.

Can someone explain how to fix this?


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"....Write to MBR....." ?????????
You didn't start playing in the advanced options did you ?
All that is necessary is to add the new entry and click save. You are merely adding data to the BCD.
The "Write MBR" button is on the page for reinstalling (or removing) the Windows boot manager.
That is entirely unnecessary unless you accidentally overwrote it by installing the Linux boot manager in the wrong place, and would be necessary before adding any data to the BCD.
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