Going Backwards from Ubuntu 9.04

Hey all,

I'm looking to remove my Ubuntu 9.04 (unsolvable networking issues) install, including the GRUB loader. I am on Vista 64 Home Premium.

I have installed easyBCD and clicked manage bootloader -> reinstall vista bootloader. Will this uninstall GRUB? Reinstalling the loader went extremely quickly -- is this normal? Is it safe to re-format the Linux partition and extend the Vista partition back into it? Is it safe to even restart at this point?

I have no installation disk -- only a hidden partition.


Yep, but don't reformat the linux partition, just delete it and than use Vista's disk management to extend the space back on. You may want to defrag Vista's partition first though.
Cool -- so it's safe to power down and everything? Are you 100% sure on this? I don't mean to sound rude at all, it's just that I'm still a virgin when it comes to Linux and booting and that sort of thing. Also, I'm not sure what I did about the bootsector when first installing linux, etc,. I just put Ubuntu on how I thought I should and went with it -- does that change anything?

So...restarting is safe, GRUB is gone, and I can just extend the partition back in?

Thanks for the quick response! :-D



All right, go ahead and lock this. I took a leap of faith and rebooted. It works.

Thanks for the excellent tool! :-D

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