Grub Confusion

Greetings, I have two SATA hard disks on my desktop PC. On one I have Fedora installed and I boot it using F8 (startup disk selection). On the second hard disk I have WIN7 and it boots automatically as this disk has boot priority.
I have recently installed Ubuntu 13.10 on a separate partition in the disk with WIN7. I have indicated the correct /boot partition to EasyBCD. To my surprise I can boot into WIN7 with no problem but when I try to boot into Ubuntu I get booted into Fedora. I have added Fedora making it triple boot and giving the exact /boot location for both Linux systems but it still boots into Fedora in both cases.
The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to first disconnect the hard disk containing Fedora. This works but is inconvenient and I think there must be a workaround. I'll be very grateful for suggestions.