...hal.dll...missing or corrupted

Desktop machine


Original HD & OS:
Hitachi SATA 2 500GB partitioned C: & D:
Vista was & still is installed on C: by OEM.

Added on OS:
D:was repartitioned to D: & F: and Win 7 was & still is installed on F:.

Added on HD & OS:
Then, WD Caviar SATA 1 was added onto the PC and WinXP was installed on WD.

Thanks to EasyBCD, everything ran smoothly.

WD broke down & was replaced by a Toshiba SATA 2 160GB taken out of a laptop.

WinXP was installed on this Toshiba.
The installation resulted in a BSoD.
At this time, I realized that I had forgotten to disconnect the Hitachi HD containing Vista.

Then, after disconnecting Hitachi, WinXP was installed on Toshiba. It started the PC and ran seemingly normal.

Then...hal.dll...missing or corrupted showed up when Hitachi was reconnected.

Current status:
Hitachi is disconnected.
WinXP on Toshiba boots and rans.
Ethernet and SM But Controller are not installed yet.

How to get a copy of the hal.dll?
How to put it into system32 since Bista does not start?

Thank you!


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Knows where his towel is.
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If you have access to W7 anywhere else
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc