hard drive, oh hard drive... where have you gone?


I've been reading posts for about 3 hours now and haven't found anyone with the same problem, so I figured I better ask!! Thanks in advance for the help - you guys ROCK!!

bf has a Sony VAIO. No Vista disk (purchased computer from Best Buy). Working fine until he dropped it from his lap. Started back up fine, then 20 minutes later it went black. Now when I turn it on it loads to a windows recovery screen. Have had no luck with getting windows to "fix itself" from this stage.

I found and downloaded the iso repair image from your site. computer now boots up, reads from cd, and brings up windows vista screen. I go in to repair your computer, then on the next screen there is no OS to choose from. I select "next" and try repairs. Did this three separate times, rebooting between each try. Each time I try repairs I get an error about it not finding the hard disk. Went to command prompt, tried to switch to C: drive, "the system cannot find the drive specified."

Tried startup repair, "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically" Under view problem details, "problem signature 06: NoHardDisk"

Am I up the shi* creek without a paddle??

Help please? thank you!!!
Depends. Could be the shock of dropping it caused the connectors to loosen . Means opening it to check HD is plugged in properly.

Check the manual for how - or check online by searching for that model - Changing Hard drive " your make and model " will probably bring up the result.

Hope it helps