Have I deleted files that can easily be repaired?


Hello, I was directed here by a user on another message board, and this link was recommended for correcting my stiuation... Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files ... I am not familiar with the recovery process, and wanted to get any guidance or recommendations from anybody willing to assist. I am not completely inept with software troubleshooting, but I am far from proficient.

Originally, my goal was to uninstall Microsoft Office as it was not working. I was unable to uninstall using Vista's Programs and Features in the control panel. I found this Microsoft Support page... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218/en-us. I followed the instructions on this page and restarted my laptop, however I found that I still had the same problem with Microsoft Office. Now, I have the problem that my AVG won't work, and when I start the laptop it tells me that there is a problem with Pinyin IME. Other files and programs are giving me error messages now as well. I appear to have deleted files that I need. I attempted recovery using Vista System Restore wizard. Unfortunately, I deleted those files over 2 weeks ago, and the oldest system restore date listed was 3 days ago. I don't know anything about what mistakes I made as I just followed the instructions on the Microsoft Support page. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in fixing my errors. Thanks.

It's an ASUS laptop with Vista home premium pre-loaded.
Well given the information provided and just by guessing, i would have to say that your in a bit of a bind. Since you already deleted the Restore Points there isnt much that can be done. Vista doesnt have a Repair feature like XP and even so our Disk is only used to fix boot problems and use Restore Points. It can't be used for reinstalls.

At this time i would try to get into Safe Mode. Hit F8 after the BIOS Splash Screen and choose Safe Mode under the Advanced Boot Options. If you can get there get into the Control Panel and create a new user profile. See if that helps prevent the errors your getting.
Thank you for the quick response. I didn't realize that posts were not visible until moderator approval so I recreated this post in the Vista Corner section, sorry. Please delete whichever post is not in the appropriate section. I will attempt to do that, but I really need functionality in the main profile... it's my mother's laptop, and I feel just ridiculous about this.


I am able to access safe mode. I am assuming that I should make this other account an administrator account...


Unfortunately, the account I just created (with administrator properties) has the same error messages and lack of access to AVG.


Also, is there a way that I can search for restore points from October in Vista? I have a ton of free space so I don't understand why there would only be four points covering 3 days.
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Vista Doesn't have the nice XP "how much space do you want to use for system restore" slider, which I'm happy to say has come back again with W7.
In Vista you can have oodles of free space but system restore is still limited in how much it uses, and the only way to increase it is via the VSSadmin command.
I would think your best option at this stage (once a system gets like that it'll drive you mad trying to fix it symptom by symptom, and chances are you'll make it worse rather than better anyway), is a factory reset, after you've made sure that all of your user files are dumped safely to some secure form of external storage.
Ahhh, well thanks for helping me. You're right about making it worse. I already did some kind of disc boot recovery that brought back old problems with my desktop so I'm probably going to have to have it done by those damn guys at Best Buy. Thanks, though.
You should be able to access the OEM recovery facilities by hitting F9 as you boot on an ASUS PC I think.
No need to pay someone else to do it.