Have Ubuntu, then install Vista Business and GRUB is lost


I install Ubuntu 6.10 on the following partition:
/dev/sda1 primary 50MB ext3 /boot
/dev/sda2 primary 10GB ext3 /
/dev/sda3 logical 1GB swap
and then install Vista Business on:
/dev/sda4 primary 65GB NTSF

Everytime I start the computer, Vista will automatically starts.
I installed the EasyBCD and added Ubuntu to the boot manager but it didn't work.
I am sure this problem is a typical one but I couldn't find solution on the web.
I am also a newbie on Ubuntu/Grub problems.

Thanks for any help.
Hey, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Instead of adding a linux entry, add "NeoGrub" and configure the NeoGrub menu the same way you would a grub one.

That should work.