HELP!! Can't boot into OS X anymore!!


I need help!

I have an INTEL Mac with Mac OSX 10.4 and was using Boot Camp to run Vista on a separate drive

In order to get rid of a series of error messages during Vista boot, I installed EasyBCD and must have done something wrong. Now i can't boot into OS X anymore and I don't have the Boot Camp boot menu either.

When booting from the DVD that came with the system I can do a Disk check and everything seems to be fine!?!???

What do i need to do to get OS X booting again??

Your urgent support will be highly appreciated, thanks!


Yes I was still able to boot into VISTA and all the eroors which appeared before were gone, so that part did work...

As I haven't been able to find a solution on the net for recovering the 'startup file' or 'boot point' on the Mac OSX 10.4.10 drive (I tried the 'bless' command in a CLI when booted from the installation DVD and it returned an error stating that there was a missing boot point'), I finally bought an additional disk, installed Mac OSX 10.4.10 from the DVD's that came with the Mac Pro and transferred all my documents, applications and settings from the 'broken' disc to the new disc. After that I was 'back in business' and can boot in Mac OSX again (from the new drive) and into VISTA (w/o the error messages that I had before). I then reformatted the 'broken' disk and I should now be able to transfer my system back on the original using Carbon Copy Cloner (haven't done so yet as there's no real need).

Some funny things though:
  • I can now see the content from the NTFS formatted VISTA drive when I'm in Mac OSX!?! This should be impossible according to Apple documentation (it should only work for FAT formatted PC disks)
  • Shut down on the Mac side is now much longer (because of the 'visible' content of the VISTA drive????)
I REALLY still would like to know how I could have recovered the broken system disk. As stated before, when running Disk Utility from the installation DVD there were absolutely no errors on this disk, still it refused to boot and was not visible in the Boot Camp boot menu when restarting (and holding the option key pressed)

Thanks in advance for your help and support (when looking through the messages on this forum I've noticed that you helped quite some lost souls in the past!)


I'm not sure how you managed to get your NTFS to be readable in Mac OS X without actually doing anything - normally it requires quite a few steps: HOWTO - Read/Write to NTFS drives in OS X

As for how you could have fixed the drive - basically you'd have to back up the MBR and bootsector of your drive & partitions respectively, then restored it with a Live CD for GParted or Linux.