Help! I am stuck in Grub (Minimal bash-like editing...)


Good day,

The following happened:
I had a dual boot Vista/Ubuntu with separate disks. The Linux disk died and I replaced it yesterday with the intention to install Ubuntu and have both systems as before.

Something went wrong. After several attempts to install Ubuntu on the new disk, upon booting, I get stuck in Grub and it is telling me:

"Minimal bash-like editing is supported".

I followed the instructions found here on this forum in order to rebuild the Vista Boot loader from the command line (get there through recovery USB), even manually, but all to no effect.

Are there any other options?
No, booting from the Windows drive.


OK - I was able to wipe the new HD and install Ubuntu on it. I can now launch Linux but Vista never comes up as an option. What should I do in order to enable dual booting? Perhaps try rebuilding the loader again through recovery?


Now I seem to be stuck in Ubuntu. Several attempts to rebuild bcd did not help. Any clues anyone? I have been on this for a number of hours now...
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