Help Required !

I have windows 7 and XP installed as partitions C:\ and D:\ on single HDD.

I used EasyBCD (v1.7.2) to create dual boot configuration. However I can't get it to boot up into Windows XP

EasyBCD shows two entries:

entry #1.......

Name: Windows 7
BCDID: Current
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows

entry #2.......

Name: Windows XP
BCDID: {ff1dffs-f720-11de-902f-da1b2224b9af}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \NTLDR
Windows Directory: \Windows

I get dual boot screen up and no problem with Windows 7 booting. When I select Windows XP and "Enter" it shows ' C:\Windows' and then a black screen with no activity happening

Appreciate help in resolving this.


Resolved............! Should of looked at similar posts; very remiss of me! Solution was to download and use v2.0 Beta which automatically choose correct partition and wrote updated NTLDR etc. Worked a treat and now boots into XP as well as 7. Great program!!! Thanks


UnResolved!...................I spoke to soon. I should of waited until the desktop loaded (PC is downstairs and responding on one that's upstairs).

Starts to boot in XP, get's past main XP loading window - the one with moving bar but hangs on next window which has Microsoft Windows XP logo on light blue background with dark blue bars top and bottom. It just hangs there not doing anything. Left for 5 mins which I thought was long enough

Tried removing and reapplying XP boot as well as changing boot order but to know avail. Appreciate help on this and advice whether to repost as new topic ????
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You're getting past the boot. The problem is with your XP installation.
Have you cloned it ?
It sounds like it could have changed partition letter.