Help with creating Windows 7 Repair disk on USB flash drive

James Brett

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I've followed the instructions to create a USB ISO image of the Windows 7 Repair disk. I downloaded the uTorrent app and have run this and this shows it has successfully downloaded the Windows 7 32 bit repair ISO. This has been saved in my downloads folder and is showing as a WinZip file. When I extract this file it creates the following files and folders -

sources folder with the following files - boot.wim
boot folder with the following files - bcd, bootfix, boot.sdi

I've then run the Windows USB DVD download tool which asks me to browse to where the ISO image is held. However it can not find any ISO image in the download folder?

Please can anyone help?




Hi, I just had another look and the Windows 7 ISO file although showing with a WinZip icon it does have an ISO extension. However when I browse to this file in the Windows USB DVD download tool it just says this is not a valid ISO file and will not allow me to click Next?

Any ideas?


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The Repair Disk is not the full disk. So it is not recognized as a valid ISO for use with the Windows USB/DVD Tool. That tool can only be used with the downloaded ISO of the full disk distributed by Microsoft on the Microsoft Store. This is why you are getting the error.

You will have to find another way to get the Repair Disk onto a USB device. We dont fully support that method as we created it only for use on a CD.
You can use EasyBCD to make a bootable USB for that recovery CD, but burning it to an ISO is just way easier :smile:
Wow i really need to dive really deep into EasyBCD 2.0 as i didnt know you had that option now.:??