Help with Vista Recovery CD

A couple of days ago, I was greeted by only a black screen and white pointer when I booted up my computer. I made several attempts to boot up in Safe Mode ( F8 ) but still could not boot to Windows. I also tried to do a Repair from one of the preloaded selections on my computer, but that did not work either -- could not find anything wrong. I was unable to restore to a previous point since I apparently did not have that function activated. I found your disc and burned that to a CD this morning. It was successful in that I was able to boot from the CD/DVD and have several times tried the Automated Repair; however, it has not corrected my problem. Since booting from the CD/DVD, I am unable to F8 to Safemode or access the repair selections stored on the harddrive, even after updating the Boot order in the BIOS. I no longer have the white pointer either, just a black screen. On several other sites, I've read about some steps to take in the Command prompt, going to System HIVE... but in your recovery CD, I am unable to access the command prompt I need, presumably because this is not directly linked to my harddrive??? can you tell me how I might access regedit.exe in the "Launch Command Line". I am not able to go back to F8 anymore to work from the original preloaded repair window.
I also received the error message while booting up that no video... but I was still able to get to the recovery window... am I missing something?
Thank you.
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