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hello guys
i'm new to this forum but long time easybcd user
my question is
is there's a possibilty in easybcd to disable the boot menu for faster startup and instead adding a hotkey through easybcd to show the boot menu when needed for ex. in cases of primary OS failure ?
thanks in advance
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Simply, make your preferred OS "default" and set timeout to 1 second.
That will boot in only one second more than having no boot menu, but still retain the option (with nimble fingers and an alert brain) to touch an arrow key within that second and stop the timer if you wish to make an alternate choice.
If you're desperate to save even that one second
Changing the Boot Partition - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
to put a copy of the boot files on a different HDD
then instead of switching the BIOS to boot from that new copy, continue using the present copy and remove all entries from the BCD except your default system.
That will boot directly to the OS without even the one second menu.
You will need to use your BIOS override hot key to tell it to boot from the other HDD (with the full copy of the BCD) if you want to make a menu choice.


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I've heard (but not tested) on that on certain modern hardware, bootmgr can detect if you are holding down 'B' and show, even if the timeout is set to 0.
thanks for the suggestions , terry60 will try them
for those modern hardwares Computer Giru ,i didn't know that some motherboards actually support this functionality