How can I redirect bootloader to root directory?

I recently installed Win7 on a second partition with XP being my main OS on the 'C' partition. I had a couple of issues and then found and installed EasyBCD, which fixed them, and all is well. Thanks.

I now have a new folder on my 'C' drive named NST, which has a 'ntldr' file in it. Looks like a copy of the same file that's been in the root folder since installing XP way back. EasyBCD says this is the file the boot loading process points to.

Is there any way to get the boot process to use the file in the root folder and then I can delete that NST folder? If that's doable, would I need to overwrite the root file with the one from the NST folder?

I know this is nitpicking but I thought I'd ask.




Mostly Harmless
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Hi Lee,

Not with EasyBCD, no. You can do it manually via bcdedit, and, you're right, you'd have to replace the one in the root with the one in the NST folder.
Since I can't seem to find any info on what to put in the command line on how to re-direct the loader to the root directory, could you possibly help?