How do I backup data with EasyRe

So I think my computer's fried. It went into an infinite boot login, so I ran EasyRe, tried automated repair and got the following:
Preparing to repair partition on/dev/sdb1
volume identified as ntfs
volume check and repair complete
basic diagnostics run completed successfully
searching for boot related problems
unable to locate an active partition on startup disk 0
unable to proceed with the repair of this volume
Check logs for more detail

So I did a system restore through EasyRe. Got it back to March 5th. Program said system restore was successful but now when I log in it just goes to a black screen with the white cursor. It won't do anything else.

I checked the hard drive diagnostics under F12 and it said something about an error code 7.

So I've just resigned myself to buying a new computer - no need throwing more money at an older computer. But there are a lot of files on my C drive that I still want. I can see the files under backup/browse files, it's under something called 1000.2 GB volume but I have no idea how I can save anything from there to a flash drive or DVD. According to EasyRe when I bought it, it said that was possible but if I drag a folder under the volume to the jump drive it does nothing.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.