How do I delete XP Setup from boot option with Windows 7?

Well basically I was trying to reinstall XP but it failed and now the default boot option is XP setup but it always crashes. I installed Windows 7 and it work fine. Now I would just like to get rid of the XP Setup boot option. I've tried using the EasyBCD program but when I hit Tools>Edit Legacy Entries I get an error saying:

"Boot.ini is located on the hidden boot partition and cannot be loaded for user editing by EasyBCD.
Please either assign a drive letter to the hidden boot partition or use the Windows XP dual-boot-configuration feature instead."

If I can get some help with this nightmare I would greatly appreciate it! Help me get rid of this annoying nightmare please. :rage:

P.S. The XP setup option is nowhere to be found neither through EasyBCD nor bcdedit in the CMD.


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If you mean that your W7 boot menu contains an unwanted XP entry, you get rid of it using EasyBCD "edit boot menu"
The Tools > legacy option is for changing the contents of boot.ini
Deleting Menu Entries