How I can create a menu system recovery(OEM) where configure EasyBCD I use N.Ghost?


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That such a forum friends my question is this:

How I can create a menu for system recovery(OEM) where configureEasyBCD I use Norton Ghost?

The question I have seen are given as laptops have a recoverysystem menus that work unattended and where only typed the option from the list (example: system recovery with Ghost) norton ghost andstarts an unattended bakucp installing the previously created on a hidden, which called OEM partition

I would do that. From already thank you very much for your answersand sorry for my bad English, sorry if I seem a Indian writing.:angry:


The menu entry would be the easy part. As far as a recovery partition, you could probably make a Linux partition, customize a Linux with Ghost for Linux and your backup image, but that's just one idea. Research this.

In that case just use the normal method EasyBCD provides for booting Linux. Beyond support for adding the menu entry, this forum I don't think would be the place to get support.