How to add XP to Windows 10 startup menu ?

For one reason or another, I manually rebuilt the BCD using these commands from the
WinRE command prompt:
attrib c:\boot\bcd -h-s-r
ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /rebuildbcd

This procedure finds the Widnows 10 install and adds it to the new BCD. The PC now boots directly
to Windows 10, where before I used to get a menu choice between Windows 10 and "older versions of
XP (and the boot.ini) is in the active partition (c:\) while Windows 10 is in a logical drive.

Does XP have to be added to the BCD manually? How is it done through the WinRE command prompt?
Thanks for any info


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In W10, install EasyBCD and use it to add an XP entry.
Let EasyBCD "auto-configure" and don't change what it sets up.
Next time you boot there should be a choice.
Read this about dual-booting W8/10


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If you don't like the boot.ini it creates, feel free to alter it.
(When I said don't change what it sets up, I was warning against a common misconception which causes users to change the BCD entry to point at the XP drive, thinking that EasyBCD "made a mistake". It didn't. It puts things where they need to be and chains them correctly.)
That's also the reason why it creates a new boot.ini and a copy of ntldr (where they need to be located).
The old ones will be untouched and in their original location.
You can copy any additional switches across, just don't change the arc paths on the EasyBCD version. They'll be different to the original (because they're starting from a different system drive).
You can even use EasyBCD to edit the boot.ini if you want using Tools > Edit legacy entries (though any text editor will suffice)
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On my system (legacy BIOS/MBR) my primary active partition contains Windows XP and the Windows 10 boot loader (since it's the only active partition)
Windows 10 itself lives in a logical drive on the same HDD, as does another install of XP in another logical drive.

I remember reading somewhere before that EasyBCD can create two separate entries in the BCD one for each XP. Is this correct?
This would be instead of a link to "earlier versions of Windows: then getting the boot.ini menu with the two XP's

Frankly after the bug Mozilla Firefox's developer Yuhong discovered in Windows 10's boot loader leading to crashes in XP,
I no longer even boot XP through Windows 10 BOOTMGR. I use Linux's Grub, installed on a second HDD


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Yes, EasyBCD can create a single menu with multiple XP choices.
It does it by replacing NTLDR with a Neosmart custom built version.
You will need to add the XP entries manually rather than letting EasyBCD auto-configure XP.
It's all explained in great detail here