How to boot to a Windows vhd

Whilst experimenting with my boot disk, I wondered about setting up one of my VMs as a boot item. So I exported my VirtualBox VM to a .ova file, then extracted the contents. That gave me a .vmdk file, so I used the VirtualBox's VBoxManage.exe to convert that .vmdk file into a .vhd file. Then I use EasyBCD to add this image to the boot menu.
Now my vhd will show in the boot menu and I can select it. But when it begins to load it crashes with a BSOD (it vanishes before I can see what it says) and the computer boots into the default OS on the c drive.

In EasyBCD I tried checking the configuration setting to allow third party drivers.

Does anyone have any clue about how to make this work?
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What OS is the VHD?