How to burn the download onto a CD?

I know this sounds like a really stupid question.. but I've actually never burned a CD before. How do I put this onto a CD? I'm running Mac OSX Snow Leopard on my old mac until I can get my PC fixed.. anybody know how to burn a CD on a mac?
Very helpful! Just one problem: it's not pulling up MATSUSHITA (the blank CD) as the destination for the burning, it says "Superdrive" how do I get it to be in the CD and not whatever "superdrive" is?


Mostly Harmless
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It shows the drive name, not the CD brand.
Matushita isnt the cd brand name, I think it always shows that on Macs.. as, in the example you showed me, it also said Matsushita, and my CD brand name is not matsushita, its memorex. I dont understand what you're saying. If I burn it to SuperDrive, will that be on the CD? I looked up SuperDrive and it looks like that is the name of a physical disk drive made by Apple that is inside of my computer.

Mak 2.0

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So it isnt recognizing the Drive itself. That is something you will have to get support from Apple for.
It's recognizing the file and the CD, but for some reason it isn't showing the CD as the destination when I go to burn the file, it says SuperDrive instead.


Mostly Harmless
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SuperDrive *is* the CD drive.