How to put the windows 7 recovery disk on a usb stick and make it bootable


Hi I have a netbook which has no built in disk drive and I do not have a usb drive I can use with it either. My windows 7 installation seems to have gotten funked up somehow and I want to repair it with the recovery disk that this site has on it. I am downloading the recovery disk now but I need to be able to put in on a usb stick and make it bootable. Is there a simple way to do that for a guy who isn't very tech savvy? I would really appreciate some help on this. I imagine someone has already asked this question here and it has been answered but I searched for it and couldn't seem to find it. If it has been answered then you can just direct me to that thread and I will read the answer there. If not I would appreciate the time and effort that it takes to answer this question. I have other computers I am using in the mean time but I do need to get that computer back up and running as soon as possible. Thx
Thank you. I'm sorry for double posting. As I said in my earlier post I did look for the answer to this problem before posting for quite some time. But I couldn't find where it was located.