How to recover Win 7 boot partition as secondary boot drive with Win 10 as primary

Geek Squad just installed a new SSD as Win 10 boot drive and made my former Win 7 drive as secondary. They gave me back my machine with former drive as D but disabled Win 7 as bootable. It was useless to argue because they maintained that Microsoft required they disable the Windows 7 on the D drive because I was getting Windows 10. The Windows 7 directory and files are still intact but there's no way to select the D drive as the bootable drive in BIOS. It is unclear to me how I use your software which I have purchased to restore the bootable partition on the D drive. Please advise where I can get this help.
I'll let @Terry60 suggest solutions toi "freeing up" the Win7 partition. Geek Squad failed to tell you that you can upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 for free and a Microsoft MVP Shawn Brink points that out here: Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 for Free
Thanks for this reply. I should have made it clear that I wanted to have the second drive with the possibility of booting back into Win7 because we have one instance of software that needs that environment to run. I could go through the process (painful) to get it reinstalled in Win10 but it would be infinitely easier to simply boot back to Win 7 for the rare (but important) need I have for this software.


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Ah OK. I think all you have to do is go in as an Admin into Disk Management and mark the Win 7 partition Active. It should also have a drive letter. Then EasyBCD should be able to see the Win 7 partition OK. @Terry60 is our expert so I'll defer to him on this.


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All you should need to do is add an entry to the W10 BCD pointing to W7 on D
Adding Entries
and W10 boot manager should display a boot menu offering you the choice of systems.