How to remove EasyBCD bootloader and go back to the original Win10.

I used EasyBCD to choose between a corrupt win10 and a good copy of Win10 and now would like to go back to the original Win10 loader. In other words I would like to put things back to where they were before I used EasyBCD. How can I do this ?

The following link helped me achieve my desired result. Now that I have removed old Grub and partial RAID junk and Former EasyBCD entries I will be able to use EasyBCD again with confidence.

Apparently though the person who created the page did not do their homework quite right. I could not find out how to get the Boot command prompt in Win7.

In Win8 it likely is OK as he shows, I do not have a Win8 install disk.

In Win10 it is similar but different. I booted up in the normal method then did a "Shift-restart" which will get one to the Windows Recovery menu shown, Then brought up the "Troubleshoot" menu, then "Advanced Options" menu. This menu will get one to the "Command Prompt". This command prompt is not the same as inside Win10 and one types "exit" to leave it. At that point I entered "Bootrec.exe" and it gave me the options for the command. I typed Bootrec.exe/FixMbr" (iirc) and as soon as I hit "Enter" the MBR was fixed.

Sorry guys , this worked once or I missed something big time. Later in the day the system went back to the way it was s I am still looking for an answer.
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EasyBCD makes an automatic backup of your BCD the first time your run it; it'll be found in the My Documents directory by default. Just go to EasyBCD's backup/restore option and restore the automatic backup and life will be great just like it was back in the good old days before there were cars and TVs and the internet.

(OK, I exaggerate.)