How to start Windows 8.1 boot instead of Linux boot? See the two comparisons:


On my PC is windows 8.1
I installed Linux Mint in an empty partition beacause it was not able to "see" win8. But in the empty partition it does anything without asking too many questions. :wink:
Then I had EasyBCD search for the Linux and it was found and set as the second system to start on choice. Windows 8.1 was to be the dominant one.
This works SPLENDID.

Then, on my Netbook with Windows 7 I did it the same way. Had created an empty partition (actually a deleted partition for Linux to do whatever it needs to do). But here Win7 was seen and Linux created alongside it.

But, ...

The system starts with the LINUX BOOT system. Therein I have to choose windows and it appears with Windows7, Windows Mint.
I want the Windows boot to be the one started.

Thus, why does EasyBCD prefer the Linux but or give no way to decide on which boot to favour? Other function in EasyBCD delete the boot entirely so that I had to restore the whole stuff.

Thus, the question actually is:
How to force a main boot sector (or alter it) so it is prefered. - Windows boot instead of Linux boot. For I did work on the Windows Boot with EasyBCD. Well, actually the question applies more to Win7 than Win8. On the PC Win8.1 and Linux Mint worked as awaite with the Menu Windows 8.1 / Linux Mint. Such as was created via EasyBCD. But not so on the Netbook with Win7.

Additional information: Here, too, I had EasyBCD search for the Linux.
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It depends on which options you chose (or failed to choose) when you installed Linux, whether it takes control of the MBR/PBR and you end up with grub controlling the boot instead of MS bootmgr.
It sounds like with 8.1 you left MS in charge, and with 7 Linux took control.
If Grub is controlling the boot, then nothing you do with EasyBCD to the MS BCD will affect grub. You will need to change the default in grub's etc/default/grub folder.
You can put the MS bootmgr back in control as described here
Thanks, sound plausable. I have created PDFs of the sites to look at them later if I try to install Linux on the Win7-Netbook again. On the Main PC it works. On the new Notebook no Linux works. It is the newest ACER and the boot medias cannot be displayed properly. But that's a different problem that may be solved later if the kinds of Linuxes are equipped with these new hardware items.