HP 530 Lappie Recovery / ??? assistance / advice pliz

Sorry, new here so not sure if I am posting in the right place! Apologies if not.

Hi. I have an HP530 lappie which has stood me in good stead. I depend on it to earn my small income. Last weekend it threw a wobbly, and refused to let me get back in with my password and after visiting the chap that sold me the machine originally in 2009, I was advised, to save money that I did not have in the first place, to do an HP recovery and re-install Vista from the internet myself. He felt I was quite capable of doing it. So, looked up Vista downloads and there are loads of them on offer, but with bits missing from what I can see - I have no idea if I had the SP1 or 2. Saw your link and the forum and as I am now baaie confused I thought to join and see if anyone can assist me. First, you have to know that I am a pensioner with no pension, so no money to go and buy anything in the way of software or disks or anything. I have to do this all on my ownsome. HP has a recovery file on the hard drive, and I use an external hard drive which I told everything to move to and off which I generally work. I now know how to get around the password thing by doing an F11 as the lappie starts to boot up. And then I need to follow the screen instruction to do a recovery and/or reformat. So, hopefully I will accomplish that fine. But then there is the matter of getting Vista off the net, a safe copy [I have the licence key from the back of the HP] and getting it onto the lappie. Seems that the only copies on the net are the very basic ones with none of the updates? If I have been reading the comments on the forum properly? Maybe I should start by asking for advice for my particular situation? Pliz :scared: