I am downloading the vista recovery cd, it says seeding?


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I dont know if I am doing this wrong or what. I am downloading the recovery cd, I opened up the torrent file and it downloaded but it keeps saying seeding, so I dont know if it is done or not. I also dont really know what to do next. How long does it normally take to download? I get this feeling I am missing a step somewhere. My computer has the blue screen with the error /boot/bcd 0xc000000f. I have no money to get this computer fixed, and i am a nursing student and desperately need to fix it. Please help if you can. I am not a techie like you guys, so please speak plain English lol.
If you've download the file you can cancel seeding. What its doing is providing pieces of the file to others that are downloading it.
Once is says "seeding" that means the download has completed. At this point, it is sharing the file with others to help other people obtain the download. You can leave it like this or turn it off, it's up to you - though it is definitely nice to share :smile:

You can go on with the next step of burning the ISO now.