I get a BOOT MGR screen in Win7 and can't do anything!


I installed a mounting program and driver two days ago from a trusted source. Yesterday I was experiencing major slowdowns on my usually fast computer. I woke up today to BSOD.

Did many troubleshooting steps with no results. Used my Win7 CD and and tried to completely reinstall Win7 wiping all of my data. The installation failed and returned many errors saying files were missing.

I ran the automatic troubleshooting screen and it said it couldn't detect my harddrive OR my Windows 7 installation (even though the failed installation said it wouldn't save because it failed.

Then I went into the command prompt from the repair installation screen. Did a bunch of things like bootrec.exe and all of it's commands to no avail.

I opened up my computer and reset the CMOS jumper. Stupid move I know, and now my computer goes directly to a black screen saying BOOT MGR.

Is there a way I can just completely wipe my harddrive and start from scratch? I don't care about any of the files because I can just redownload the programs I want.

I bought my computer from cyberpower pc but they are not open on weekends and I want my computer fixed right now.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

PS - I'm on my iPhone so I can't make CDs or go on flash sites. I'm also using 64bit. I can give any more information you need.

I know this question has been asked a lot but my situation is different now because my DVD drive won't even launch the recovery CD.
Resetting the CMOS has put all your BIOS values to default including, probably, the BIOS boot sequence, with HDD before CD/DVD.
Go into the BIOS setup utility (press del, or whatever it says on the splash screen as you start the boot) and put CD/DVD back before HDD, then start the install again.
In the Install setup, choose custom (or advanced, can't quite remember what it calls it) and it will enable you to format the HDD.
If you have a bootable partition manager available, it would be best to use that to do a "full" format (not quick) of the entire HDD surface, to take any possible bad blocks permanently out of use.
Before you do anything else, try disconnecting/reconnecting all the HDD cables several times (both ends) to make sure your problem isn't just a simple bad connection.
Got an update: I hit Delete to get into my BIOS and let my CD drive start. Now I'm almost where I was in the beginning of the problem. Windows isn't detecting any installation at all.

Now I have a choice to make, should I completely format my drive using the windows recovery CD, or try to save what might be left of my files. Note: On the Install Windows screen in the custom section it says my harddrive "Disk 0 Partition 2" has a total size of 465.7 GB and it's free space is 455.6 GB (if this is to be believed then all of my data was lost because I used to only have 275 GB left).

My question now is should I just format my drive and reinstall Windows?

Thank you again for taking the time to read this.
I formatted the drive and tried to reinstall Windows 7 and I get errors saying it can't find the installation source and it stops at 99% on the Expanding Files part.

Found this on a bunch of websites about fixing boot mgr:

Note If rebuilding the BCD does not resolve the startup issue, you can export and delete the BCD, and then run this option again. By doing this, you make sure that the BCD is completely rebuilt. To do this, type the following commands at the Windows RE command prompt:
bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
cd boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /RebuildBcd

When I put the first line in the command line thing on the Windows 7 support screen the command line says it can't find the path specified. I think if I can delete and then rebuild the MBR it might fix all of this but I don't really know.
Have you put CD/DVD before HDD in the BIOS boot sequence, or are you using a temporary boot-device override to boot the Installation DVD ?
You must do the former, not the latter.
When the setup program tries to reboot during the install, setup will fail at that point if the HDD is found before the DVD because the new OS isn't far enough through the process to boot yet.
You should see "press any key to boot from CD" when you start the install, and again at every reboot, but you only respond the first time. (otherwise you just start all over again from the very beginning)
I changed it so it gives me the "Press any key" line.

Let me see if I get what you are saying: My BIOS is setup up so it doesn't automatically start from the drive so when my OS is reinstalling it fails because the system wants to restart but it tries to boot of the HDD and fails instead of booting of the CD drive right?

I went into my bios and put the CD drive before the HDD but it still gives me the error. I'm I doing something wrong?


Here are 3 of the common errors I get while attempting to install Win7:

- Windows cannot access the installation sources. Verify that the installation sources are accessible and restart the installation.
- The file or directory \Program Files\Common Files\System\ado is corrupt and unreadable please run the ChkDsk Utility.
- Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570
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I was installing by booting the DVD. I think the CD my computer manufacturer only gave me a restore CD and not an installation one.

My manfacturer will fix my computer for me and reinstall my OS for free when I ship it to them.

Thanks for the help you gave, hopefully the manufacturer will be able to tell me what was wrong. I will update this thread if that ever happens.