I have windows vista and i get the blue screen at the login

I turn my computer on and when it loads and gets to the login screen, I get a blue screen. My computer then restarts and asks me to start up in safe mode or normal. Tired of paying for help; can someone help me please? I have downloaded the EasyBCD.


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If you're getting to the logon screen and you only have one OS, then EasyBCD won't do anything for you.
It's for managing the BCD in a multi-boot and will help in fixing a broken boot process. You are getting past that point.
hit F8 repeatedly after the BIOS splash screen and you should enter the Vista extended boot menu.
In there, try "last known good configuration". If that doesn't fix the problem, try safe mode, and from there enter system restore and try going back to a checkpoint from a time before the problem started.
If that doesn't work (or you have no restore points available), use "No automatic restart" and reboot.
The BSOD should halt without rebooting and you should be able to see the stop code indicating what your problem is.
If this happened after you applied a Windows Update, follow the links from WUD "Update History" and you'll find an email address for free one-to-one support from Microsoft.