I ordered w7 recovery for a w7 computer that I upgraded to w10

I had been trying to BACK UP my data files onto a WD My Passport, when I removed the device too soon and got a Recovery Message on the BSOD. It said: The Operating System couldn't be loaded because a critical driver is missing or contains errors. File:\windows\system32\drivers\spaceport.sys. Error code: 0xc000000f. I bought and downloaded W7 recovery because that is the label on my computer and though I thought I might have upgraded to W10, it never really looked like my W10 other computer, so I thought I needed the W7 bootable disc. Well, after I followed the instructions carefully and burned the W7 recovery bootable cd and got the disc running from the cd drive (yea).... going through Easy Recovery Essentials (it did a bunch of diagnostics) it brought me to the Select a Recovery Option and I chose Automated Repair. It then opened up a screen that said Found a Total of 4 drives eligible for Recovery. Select an OS and repair option to continue. The Names of the 4 are; BOOT VOLUME (NTSF, 199MiB Active Yes), WINDOWS 10 64-Bit Edition (C:smile:(NTSF, 214GMiB Active No), DATA Volume (NTSF, 19GiB Active NO)and Data Volume (FAT32, 103MiB Active NO). There is no W7 operating system showing!!! Can I use the W7 recovery boot disc with the Windows 10 edition on my C: drive since it was an upgrade. I do not care if I go back to W7 if it will get me up and running. Please help!! It is 5:30 am est and I have been at this since 9pm last night. Anyone out there at this hour. Thanks!!